Installation Instructions for a Satellite Radio on a Harley

Clean the mounting surface of the antenna bracket and the bottom of the antenna with a damp shop rag,
game cards against humanity. Then peel the liner from one side of the tape included in the kit and apply the tape squarely onto the bottom surface of the antenna. Peel the liner from the exposed side of the adhesive tape onto the antenna base. Position the antenna over the bracket without touching the tape to the bracket. Center the antenna over the bracket with the antenna cable towards the center of the vehicle,
cards humanity. Press the antenna squarely and firmly onto the bracket and hold pressure for one minute,
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Locate the orange/white wire on the vehicle harness that leads to the rear lighting connector under the seat. Use wire cutters to cut the orange/white wire in a location that will allow for easy stripping and splicing to the orange/white wire on the satellite receiver harness. Cut the excess length from the orange/white wire on the satellite receiver harness to within easy reach of the orange/white vehicle harness wires,
cards against humanity mobile. Then use the red button splice connector from the kit to splice the three orange/white wires.

Heritage Softails come equipped from the factory with a light bar. Well known aftermarket vendors like Kuryakyn and Harley Davidson sell bolt on auxiliary.

Sirius Capable Radio Installation

There is no need to seek a professional to install your Sirius Satellite Radio, which is a radio capable of receiving signals.

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